Hutchison-McCarthy Animation Studios

Hutchison-McCarthy Animation Studios

Here’s a rare look behind the the scenes at Hutchison-McCarthy Animation Studios. Those hilarious characters you know and love are all products of the imagination of these hard-working fellows. Wacky!

Okay, so we’re not opening an animation studio. Last weekend my buddy and fellow Transformers colleague Shane McCarthy and I attended a Disney themed party. So instead of going as the usual Mickey, Prince Charming, Tigger or Mad Hatter we went as… wait for it… “Disney Animators from the Golden Era of Animation”.

Now to effectively pull off our “Golden Era Animator” costumes we needed props. We had the sweater vests, the rolled sleeves, slicked hair and spectacles taken care of, but to really sell it we needed more. We found some clipboards and a few sheets of animation tracing paper. I then redrew (okay, there might have been some tracing involved) a Fred Moore sketch from All The Cats Join In and a fake character reference sheet for Walt Disney’s early Oswald the Lucky Rabbit character (obscure enough?).

props for Disney themed party

Disney Animator props

I also was able to track down (through the joys of Google) a 1930s Walt Disney Productions identification card. I enlarged and cleaned it up in Photoshop and then added in our own names in an old typewriter font to make our very own Disney ID cards which we attached to lanyards.

Reproduction Disney ID Card

Reproduction Disney ID Card

I think it made a nice change from all the Alice in Wonderland costumes. That, and nobody needs to see me in a blue dress.

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  1. lonegamer7 says:

    XD That’s AWESOME. Where’d you find the radio?

    And no, no one wants to see you in a blue dress. ;D

  2. Prips says:

    You guys are awesome! The id-cards is pretty cool too! =)

  3. Laura says:

    What a clever idea! 😀 Well done!

  4. wd_kimmy says:

    That is genius! an totally geeky :)

  5. Exie says:

    Hahaha, classic! Hutch, if you and Shane McCarthy weren’t already heros of mine, you’re doubly so now. What an awesome twist.

    (Are there chances of you two headed state-side for BotCon this year? I know it’s an odd question, but seeing as it’s on Disney grounds, and this is a Disney post, I thought I would ask.)

  6. Shaun K says:

    Damned excellent idea, guys. Golden Age Animators were REAL heroes.

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  8. Elizabeth Reyes says:

    That is incredibly clever! I especially like the ID card. :)

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